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Things I should have said, but didn't.
Lagi ka nalang umiiyak . Di ka ba nagsasawa .

In love ?
Be careful . It may be the happiest, the most ecstatic feeling, but the pain and heartache it brings is incomparable to anything else you’ve felt before . See, when your in love, that person in everything . That person is the whole world for you .
Unconsciously you are sharing a piece of yourself ; Sharing the deepest part of you . Hence, you are vulnerable . A tiny pinprick, stabs you right through and it hurts like hell.
What love brings , love takes away, and you can’t control that. But when it does , I can guarantee, you’d find yourself questioning every single thing . “What could I have done better?” “Was it not enough”
Self-blame ; that’s what hurts the most .

Never go to sleep mad.
You don’t you what you might wake up to.
Love weighs more than pride.

Cause no matter how mad I am with you, Its you I still think about all the time.