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Things I should have said, but didn't.
Sa totoo lang

sa totoo lang
Ang dami ko natutunan sayo
ikaw kasi yung puno nang ‘wisdom’ ba kumbaga
di ko nga alam kung san mo pina kukuha yan e
mas mature ka pa tuloy mag isip kesa sakin

sa totoo lang
namimiss kita,
namimiss ko yung kung pano napakadaling kasama ka
yung di ko kelangan mag try hard
kasi kahit pa hindi kita ini-impress
pinapakita mo na mahalaga ako
na importante ako
na deserve ko yung the best

sa totoo lang
sana hindi kita pinakawalan.


You unwrap your cocoon
one by one ,
those beautiful wings
has spread,
outshining everything in its surrounding .

and all i could do
is watch you

gazing intently
longing for the time when I am due
an inexplicably long time

You said that with your wings you’ll take care of me
among your shadows I’ve taken comfort
and also discomfort in knowing that
while you flap your wings and fly
I still sit here,idle and unable

How do I get through to you

and the worst of it all, is the defiance and tenacity to consider an explanation. How do you correct misinterpretations if you aren’t given the opportunity to do so? They say think before you speak, and that it is best to keep quiet when anger is at its peak. But what if its all but a misunderstanding, and that what I said was wrong, and that maybe it was wrong for you to accuse me of misconstrued statements.

give me a chance, give me a chance
to get through to you

to at the very least listen to my intent, and understand that I did not mean for any of this to go this far. and understand that all I wanted was for you to hear my long silenced desperation to tell you how much I want to be free.


what if he isnt the one?  what if we are under the impression only because of our desire. maybe our judgement was clouded by the fear that if he isnt, then we would have to go through another heartbreaking and soul shattering goodbye that can surely mark the end of one of us. 

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Lagi ka nalang umiiyak . Di ka ba nagsasawa .

In love ?
Be careful . It may be the happiest, the most ecstatic feeling, but the pain and heartache it brings is incomparable to anything else you’ve felt before . See, when your in love, that person in everything . That person is the whole world for you .
Unconsciously you are sharing a piece of yourself ; Sharing the deepest part of you . Hence, you are vulnerable . A tiny pinprick, stabs you right through and it hurts like hell.
What love brings , love takes away, and you can’t control that. But when it does , I can guarantee, you’d find yourself questioning every single thing . “What could I have done better?” “Was it not enough”
Self-blame ; that’s what hurts the most .

Never go to sleep mad.
You don’t you what you might wake up to.
Love weighs more than pride.

Cause no matter how mad I am with you, Its you I still think about all the time.